The Riverworks Dolphin Pool Contest
Wednesday September 20 6:00 PM

Swift, powerful, highly intelligent and collaborative, Dolphins showcase many skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Riverworks: Milwaukee’s Creative District, in the spirit of honoring these oceanic champions, is hosting a competition showcasing some of Milwaukee’s best and brightest new businesses.

Want to Compete?

Are you ready to launch your business? Did you already, and you’re looking for a boost? We want you! Riverworks, already home to dozens of creative enterprises, has space in the district ready for start-ups and growing businesses.

Our competition, The Riverworks Dolphin Pool, is accepting applications now for businesses ready to take their next steps.

The Dolphin Pool committee will choose six contestants from all of the entries submitted. The selected finalists will present their business concept to a panel of judges and a live audience on Wednesday, September 20th. The winner will be announced at the end of the night’s program. Actually, everyone wins by networking, and exchanging ideas - Dolphin style!

How to become a contestant

Fill out the questionnaire and submit no later than 11:59PM, August 18, 2017. Six finalists will be announced on the Riverworks Week website on September 1, 2017.

The prize package
$1,000 Cash prize

Courtesy of Riverworks: Milwaukee’s Creative District

The Entrepreniurial Package

Courtesy of WWBIC

Love & Admiration from the Public

Courtesy of an appreciative nation

The Goat Palace
3740 N. Fratney Street

The 3rd Annual Dolphin Pool contest and party will combine for a night to remember. An exciting, fast paced program of pitches and entertainment await. Cheer on your favorites and become the first to know about our advancing local scene while enjoying the company of friends in spectacular fashion at The Goat Palace.