Riverworks Week 2018 // The Inventors Circus

The Riverworks Week Inventors Circus

Friday, September 21
5:00 - 7:30 pm

Riverworks City Center
3334 N Holton St
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(Where the Beerline Trail Intersects Holton Street)

Eight Teams - One Circus - Singular Purpose: Dunk Barbie!

Milwaukee's Creative District signaled to the world that we needed some creative, problem solving citizens to build ridiculous machines for no reason whatsoever, except to Dunk Barbie!

The thirst to waste time on a pointless task was strong! Help us welcome these eight teams of beautiful makers - let’s shower them with love and encouragement, knowing that Paul Cebar will be playing and beer will be served as these teams build contraptions:

The Sustar Brothers led by Ian Sustar
The House Cervantes led by John Cervantes
The Gems led by Stella Porreca
Wonder Women led by Anahita Qashqai
Squad led by Mikal Floyd-Pruitt
Super Squirrels led by Rick Banks
Farmhouse Squad led by Jesus Nanez
Department of Public Wits led by Karen Dettmer

The Inventors Circus is a lighthearted competition that invites teams to solve a ridiculous problem. This year teams will be tasked with getting a Barbie doll to land in water: to Dunk Barbie!

All teams will be supplied with the same starter-kit of materials, including ordinary household items, toys, building materials and similar work spaces.

That kit equalizes the start of the competition, but from there all bets are off. Each team will flex their own brand of creativity and engineering moxy as there are no directions for mission success. Sounds silly? Of course it does - that’s the point.

Bond with family, friends, and colleagues while sorting out how well your team copes with concepts of teamwork and problem solving. Find your inner maker and stack your team with quick witted savants - or fools; either way you’ll have lots of fun, and there will be prizes awarded.