The Riverworks Inventors Circus
September 22
6:00 PM

Introducing: The Riverworks Inventors Circus. A gathering of teams tasked with building a Rube Goldberg inspired contraption. Possessing engineering skills, an eye for design, and whimsy, our teams will display cunning and craft as they compete to win the first Riverworks Inventors Circus.

There will be no animal cruelty or mention of the word ”nerd” in our fantastically entertaining circus.

Come watch while teams build, demonstrate and compete from 6:00 - 8:00 on Friday, September 22, 2017 on the Beerline Trail.

Riverworks Inventors Circus

The Beerline Trail
Capitol Drive Overpass

The event will be a part of Friday night’s Riverworks: Milwaukee’s Creative District Festival an evening of action held on the Beerline Trail. The circus will be located at The Gibson Yards, an outdoor space adjacent to the trail and the Capitol Drive bridge.