8 Questions with Darlene Russell, Senior Program Officer at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation

What was your favorite subject in school? I had two favorite subjects in schools. I loved art and reading.  I remember sitting down with paper, pencils and paint and creating what I considered beautiful works of art. I would draw unique shapes and objects with bold colors. Often sharing my art as gifts with my …


9 Questions with
Wendy Baumann, President/CVO of WWBIC (Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation)

Did you have any favorite pets growing up? I actually LOVE animals so growing up we did have a dog, cat, turtle and frogs at different times. Is your work connected to, or similar to any family members’ profession? YES in two ways…my father owned many businesses from Old Time General Stores to Tea Rooms, …


9 Questions with:
Andre Saint Louis, Executive Supervisor at Flux Design

Where were you born? In Polson, Montana, near the South end of Flathead Lake and the Flathead Reservation. My dad recently moved back there after he retired. It’s my favorite place to visit. What was your favorite subject in school? Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved drawing and painting. In kindergarten, I …


Bridney Chappel, Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator

Bridney Chappel, the Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator for Riverworks Development Corporation by way of the Kresge Foundation, is excited to be on board with the Beerline Trail Development Project and a new member of the Riverworks Development Corporation staff. Bridney has been with RDC since March 2015 and during her short time here, …

Travis Evans

Travis Evans, Director of Workforce Partnerships

Travis Evans is the new Director of Workforce Partnerships at Riverworks Development Corporation. Travis has been with RDC since August 2014 and during his short time here, has created and strengthened partnerships with area companies, educational organizations and training centers to provide resources to the client base at Riverworks. Travis also manages Riverworks Financial Opportunity …