Passionate Experts Staff The FOC

The past few months have been really busy for the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). We have two brand new staff members, including Amber Ascher, Program Assistant and Benefits Coach, and Tiana Jenkins, Employment Coach.

As the Program Assistant and Benefits Coach, Amber conducts all of the initial intake interviews for everyone who walks through the doors of the FOC. She is also able to screen and assist with enrollment for those who are eligible to receive government assistance. Amber also facilitates internal programs that prepare Milwaukee’s young people for the workforce and personal financial success, including the Neighborhood Ambassador Program and the Youth Ambassador Program.

Tiana, the Employment Coach, conducts individual skills assessments to evaluate education, work, and volunteer backgrounds for making appropriate job and education referrals. She identifies job openings for clients, builds relationships with employers, and handles referrals and follow-up activities to maintain employer contacts and ensure client employment. Tiana also facilitates employment and soft skills workshops, assists and works with clients to create their own resumes, and other activities as it relates.

Dominique Mason, the Financial Coach, pulls credit reports and summarizes participants’ credit with them. Next, she works with them to set goals for what they would like to achieve over the next 30 days, 90 days, and year. During this time, she continues to pull the participants’ credit report every 6 months to track the improvement in their score. The overall goal of financial coaching is to increase the participants’ net income, net worth, and credit score.

As the Director of Workforce Partnerships, Travis Evans is responsible for implementing all facets of employment development strategies, working with employers, providing educational guidance services, and managing the Riverworks FOC program.

Through this approach of outreach, training, and bundling of coaching services, Riverworks FOC is able to assist participants in reaching economic stability.

The FOC team is truly passionate about providing these much needed services to the community. If you are interested in working on your finances, obtaining employment, and/or accessing state benefits, please contact Riverworks and set up an appointment with Amber at or call 414-906-9650.