Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Thank you to all the smiling faces that came out for Riverworks’ annual Bloom & Groom plant sale. Through partnerships with the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation, Lowe’s, the City of Milwaukee and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Riverworks is able to offer plants at a significant discount while fund raising for community events over the summer. Special thanks, of course, to Ms. Ella for sharing her extra crop of rhubarb with neighbors again this year!

Besides beautifying the neighborhood with flowering plants and greenery, Bloom & Groom offers a great opportunity for neighbors to connect with each other. The addition of a local vendors’ market only added to the spirit of camaraderie. These vendors, who came with delicious treats (ice cream, chocolate, vegan burgers) or lovely homemade crafts (dresses, jewelry, t-shirts), made this year’s event an extra success. A special thank you to all the vendors who came out and shared their talents!

Every chance we have to get together makes the whole neighborhood stronger. We build trust just by being together. It may seem overly simple when we know that there are larger issues affecting our lives in very real ways, but being present in the neighborhood can have a huge impact. When you’re present in your community, you notice more opportunities to connect. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Maybe you notice that your neighbor needs help turning over the soil. Maybe you have a rototiller. Maybe she brings you tomatoes from the garden in a few weeks. Maybe you share your salsa. Maybe you’ve found someone who has your back and maybe you care enough to have hers.

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