Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

If you missed an opportunity to make improvements on your home in 2016, keep in mind that winter is a great time to get ready for the 2017 construction season. You may be eligible for a program that can make these improvements more affordable, such as the Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) or the Strong Homes Loan, both of which offer partially forgivable loans through the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation (NIDC). If you are facing other issues related to maintaining your home—tax delinquency, code compliance violations from the Department of Neighborhood Services or an emergency such as a broken furnace or hot water heater—please contact me so that we can get you the help you need as soon as possible.

Maybe one of the changes you’d like to make in 2017 involves making the decision to invest in your own home instead of paying rent. Through a partnership with the City of Milwaukee and the Housing Authority, 15 properties in the Harambee neighborhood are being completely rehabbed and ready for owner occupants in the coming months. These Ready to Go Homes are perfect for the first time homebuyer and the Financial Coach with Riverworks’ Financial Opportunity Center can help you at every step along the path to homeownership.

Come see these homes at the Open House on Saturday, February 11th, from 10AM-12PM

  • 3354 N. 1st Street    4Bedroom/2Bath              $71,000
  • 3420 N. 1st Street    3Bedroom/1Bath              $64,000
  • 3763 N. 2nd Street     3Bedroom/1Bath              $60,000

It was just announced that Riverworks application for a Block Build with the organization Revitalize Milwaukee was accepted. This event is being called “Shevitalize” because the focus will be about women helping women. Through this event, which will take place in October, the area of North 3rd Street and North 4th Street between West Abert Place and West Capitol Place will have improvements made to individual homes, as well as beautification projects for the whole block. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting opportunity!

For more information on housing resources or homes for sale, please call me, send an email, or stop by our office (Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00): Amy Rohan 414.906.9650, ext 114.; Riverworks offices 526 E Concordia Avenue.