Riverworks Highlights

Riverworks Development Corporation serves as a catalyst for redevelopment, striving to positively impact area businesses and neighborhood residents. The diverse range of programs we manage together with key partnerships we have established allow us to take a comprehensive approach in our efforts to increase community prosperity in our target areas which include the residential neighborhoods of Harambee and Riverwest in addition to the Riverworks Business Improvement District.


Riverworks Center
Congratulations again to our Riverworks Week Dolphin Pool winner Threepaws Gourmet. The owner Hannah Anderson is a local entrepreneur who makes orgainic dog treats which can be found on Amazon.
Local entrepreneur wins 1st prize in Dolphin Pool competition during Riverworks Center Riverworks Week.  Congrats Hannah Anderson with Threepaws Gourmet and thanks for great story North Shore NOW Jeff Rumage Congrats to finalists Elizabeth Pasho with her innovative inflight cup holder and Maggie Skarich Joos with the Real Good Life Food Delivery Services


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